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Administrator Spotlight

In 2007, April Jasper, O.D., was given the honor and responsibility of being a Vision Source Administrator.

“I respect all of my doctors and look at them as my family whom I would drop everything for to help make them succeed in practice," April says. "And I know that all of our doctors feel the same."

April JasperApril has been a member of Vision Source since 2003. She graduated with highest honors from Nova Southeastern University in 1995. She completed a residency in hospital-based optometry, ocular disease and contact lenses. Within the next year, she moved to Tallahassee, Florida where her husband, David Jasper, finished his studies. Upon leaving Tallahassee to buy her practice in West Palm Beach, April said, “It was only natural for me to once again take the advice of my respected colleagues who told me that Vision Source should be the first thing to consider if I wanted to be successful in practice.” She still tells her fellow ODs, “My success in practice today is 100 percent due to my South Florida Vision Source family who never said no when I called for advice, and were always willing to share their practice management tips.”

April shares that one of her most memorable experiences of Vision Source occurred when everyone pitched in during the time one member was ill for a few weeks and was unable to work. The ones who helped provided coverage at the member's office and made it possible for him to have some income while recovering. “Even today it brings tears to all of our eyes to think of what our group means to each other,” she says.

April has a passion for helping her colleagues, tries to share stories of patient experiences in the format of CE, and writes articles in the areas that she knows most doctors need assistance in. She believes that together, we can all face the challenges common to all ODs. April also volunteers on AOA’s third party executive committee, and is Secretary/Treasurer of the Florida Optometric Association, which has enabled her to have a greater understanding of healthcare.

She is currently working on a new project to help others move their practices into businesses of distinction.